Placement: Further Studying

Task As I will have downtime between each placement, I will be working to hone my skills and knowledge given in class or found through research. I will then study and put them into action by creating animations, renders and play tests of my understanding. This is all to benefit my knowledge and skills going […]

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Personal Creative Development – Aiding Final Years – Philip McDowell

Task In support of your portfolio, mid-semester you’ll be required to choose a 3D/2D/VFX/Animation related discipline to continue your personal practice.  Consider continuing development of your first semester work if you wish.  Alternatively you can elect to help out on a final year project and use that as your discipline focus. This assignment will run alongside the […]

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Motion Graphic Project

Brief Motion graphics project – 15-30 second motion graphics advert / Ident –  Friday 10th May 15%  Individual project – Pre-production presentation Friday week 4, final presentation Friday week 12  Knowledge of After effects motion graphics is a vital tool in the local animation scene.  In response to this and to compliment your 3D animation work you […]

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