Diving Dave Reflection

Over the course of the project, I believe that I have been much more focused and tried to be ahead of the game, whenever I can.

Going in I knew what I wanted to do with the project. I wanted to model and rig the character. The main reason I wanted to learn to rig, is because it looks fun to do. Now that I have done it, I concur that it is indeed the most enjoyable aspect of the project.

I believe for a first-time rig, I did a good enough job. My time management with the creation of Dave was very good this time around. Mainly because I pulled my boot straps up and realised that I am able to work and learn if I think clearly. Last year this was a problem. I let stress get the better of me and in turn this affected the outcomes I had. They aren’t bad they are just not as informed as I would like them to be.

Although, Alec still had to help with the rig, I realised, to me, he didn’t change much except make an FK and IK version. I later found out that the IK, was really annoying to use. So, it made me come to realise that FK rigs are easier to use. There is a certain, therapeutic value to using an FK rig.

Alec helped me out quite a bit. He showed me a better and easier way to UV, rig and do the skin weights, which I appreciated whole heartedly.

Finding the right tutorial with the 3DEX guy, allowed me to find an easier way to model and rig. I understand now that, if you are careful, that you can create really nice topology without re topping the entire thing.

Again, the value of using references really informed my work.

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