Semester One Reflection

Over the course of the first semester, I have had highs and lows. But I have noticed massive changes within how I work. For example, my time management has improved but the one major thing was working on different projects.

At the beginning I was finding it hard to work on different projects without feeling like I was negating the other and I might have prioritised one over the other. Toward the end of the first projects, I denounced this feeling and worked on what I could throughout the day.

Apart from an improvement in time management, I made it my mission to take on different things, such as rigging, sculpting and texturing. I also learnt from research the best way to approach the topology on certain assets. My first project was laced with topology mistakes, however, I took these mistakes and made sure I corrected them for the final animation project.

I also understood the value of using references in my work and stopped feeling like it was “cheating”. This view was from secondary school. However, I studied images, videos and took references which informed my final outcomes in the end.

The walk cycle animations taught me different ways I can animate, and the knowledge gained from it assisted in creating smoother movements and animations within my animated short.

Over all, I made a lot of mistakes this semester and I learnt from them. I found the importance of reference and understood my own workflow, with appliance of aspects of Paul Paulino’s workflow, I was able to create better outcomes. I learnt the value of taking the time and thinking about the work, instead of diving in and learning after the fact. Semester two will be a continuation of improvement and I will be working toward the place I want to be which is a generalist.

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