Personal Project – Reflection

This project was a real delight to do. Learning ZBrush, at the start was a little daunting but soon enough, I was able to get the hang of it. Well it only took a few days, which was great, finding more and new exciting things the more I continue to use it. But back to the reflection…

As the project continued, I was sketching away, and thinking and learning ways to do it. Now, it is far different to what I told Alec, but I wanted to try something that wasn’t Maya, and that interested me. ZBrush was the answer.

Looking back, I realise how fun it is to do little doodles in. Like clay. I never work as fast as I do in clay. This was true with ZBrush. I had pleasure with learning about the program, alternative ways to do things within the program like, make a head out of different shapes, using different tools to achieve a certain look. It was all so fascinating to me. It is a shame Maya does not grab me this way.

See, Maya to me is very technical, whilst ZBrush is just something I can screw around in, and I revel in that notion. I have never had such fun working on a project than I have this one. Well, on my own that is.

Research, I felt, made a huge difference in my results. This time around I felt and saw the research impact the way I thought about the approach of my drawings. I thought about anatomy and made sure to study from real life references instead of online, something I began doing with the walk cycle animations.

What I would do differently, is make sure that everything is done to a T, there was some issues I saw like the back of the head and neck but didn’t change them dues to time running out. Also, rendering could be a lot better.

My retopology could use more work, too, like finishing it for example.

Overall, this project was a massive blast to do. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I will continue to work within it for the future. Also, I need to try out different software too.

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